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Echo Streamer X Fly Rods

Echo Streamer X Fly Rod Designed By Kelly Galloup
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Product Number:STREAMERX
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Echo Streamer X Fly Rods Designed By Kelly Galloup

  • Four piece travel design
  • Action:  Fast
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Oversized stripping guides
  • Grips:  Kelly Galloup custom grip
  • Reel Seat:  Anodized aluminum

Designed by innovative streamer guru Kelly Galloup for the next generation of high performance streamer fly rods.
Accurate with large, heavy flies with a unique taper to quickly load and deliver heavy flies and lines accurately and comfortably.
Choice of guides worldwide thanks to Kelly's custom handle, powerful bottom and fast loading top section and surprising versatility when needed.

Modern streamers and the name Kelly Galloup go hand in hand, so it only makes sense to have the streamer guru himself design this series of fly rods designed for accurately and easily casting big streamer patterns. Uniquely tapered for delivery of heavy payloads, big flies and heavy sinking tips, these rods are made to load quickly and deliver big flies accurately with minimal false casting. These fast action fly rods are made with a powerful bottom section and a top section that loads quickly. The handle is a custom grip designed by Kelly and is perfect for the casting grip and styles that fly fishing big streamers demand. Oversized stripping guides allow for fast moving, heavy lines to fly through easily when chucking big flies. The anodized aluminum reel seat provides stability and strength without added weight. The right tool for the job - get streamers of any size to big trout and other predators with ease!

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