Airflo Superflo Power Taper Fly Line

Part Number: ASF-PT

WF3F Sunburst/Purple
WF4F Sunburst/Purple
WF5F Sunburst/Purple
WF6F Sunburst/Purple
WF7F Sunburst/Purple
WF8F Sunburst/Purple
WF9F Sunburst/Purple

If your fishing requires throwing heavier nymphs, hopper dropper rigs, large streamers or hoppers, check out the Airflo Superflo Power Taper fly lines. This line was designed to work well with the faster action fly rods on the market. Big winds or long casts won't be a bother with this powerful taper. And because these lines are made of polyurethane, they don't have plasticizers like PVC lines and won't crack offering a longer lasting fly line. There are also no worries from getting insect repellant or sunscreen on them. The Power Taper also features an extremely cool color combination with a sunburst/purple configuration. This line also makes for a great Great lakes lake-run fly line.

Available in WF3 to WF9.




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