Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Fly Line

Part Number: ASF-UT

WF3F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF4F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF5F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF6F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF7F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF8F Moss Olive/Chartreuse
WF9F Moss Olive/Chartreuse

Airflo's Universal Taper features, as the name says, a fly line that can do it all. From dry fly fishing to nymphing the Universal taper will handle it. Made with Superflo, these lines will shoot farther, float higher and last longer than other fly lines. Airflo fly lines are made with polyurethane which, unlike all of the other 100% PVC fly lines, don't have plasticizers. Plasticizers start to break down almost immediately. This is what causes lines to crack. These Airflo lines will outlast everything else on the market.


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