Ahrex PR378 GB Predator Swim Bait Hook

Part Number: PR378


The Ahrex PR378 GB Predator Swim Bait Hook is a funky design that looks more suited for a bass fisherman's plastics. However this unique design will give you the ability to create some great swimming baitfish flies. These hooks will offer a weedless design and great fish hooking ability.

The Ahrex GB Swimbait is inspired by the Texas Predator hook but is developed into a real fly hook. The hook is designed in collaboration with Gunnar Brammer (GB) and Paul Monaghan. Perfect for weed less designed flies. There is plenty of room to tie on and several places to tie on rattlers and/or weights.

  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Available in size 2 to 6/0
  • Chemically sharpened with small barb
  • 8 hooks per package (size 2 & 1 – 10 hooks per package)

8 hooks per pack.

Customer Reviews for Ahrex PR378 GB Predator Swim Bait Hook

Great hooks, and I am delighted to see them in the new smaller sizes. I now have Murdich Minnows that won't get hung up in the bottom or on structure!
- Geoff Roznak
I plan to use these to tie up some "Schoolie" patterns. The longer "shank" piece will make it easier to tie these flies. I like the size 2. They allowed me to make a smaller weedless frog pattern that I can use for both smallmouth and largemouth.
- JerryC

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