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Rainy's Bass Popper Heads

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Bass Popper Heads from Rainy's are pre-shaped and pre-drilled to allow you to make great bass poppers easily and quickly. These popper heads have dense foam that is a little soft. Bass have a tendency to hold on to the softer feeling heads like these when they eat them. To use them simply tie on the tailing materials and wrap a base of fly tying thread to the hook eye. Coat the thread with a good waterproof super glue like Loctite Extra Time Super Glue and push the popper body on to the hook shank and over the material where it was tied off. The super glue will lock the body to the thread wraps. You can mark the popper heads with permanent markers or acrylic paints.

One tip I always do when tying with pre-drilled heads is to run your hook shank through the body to make sure it was drilled all the way through before tying the fly. Once in awhile you may find one that isn't and this will take care of finding out when the shank is covered in super glue.
Pat Ehlers

Available in 3 sizes.

6 per pack.

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