Umpqua Perform X Trout Leaders 3 Pack SALE

Part Number: UPXT3P
$8.49 (Reg. $16.99)

9' - 2X
9' - 6X
9' - 7X
10' - 3X
10' - 4X
10' - 5X
10' - 6X

The Umpqua Perform X Trout Leader is the go-to fly fishing leader for most trout fly fishing situations. This Umpqua trout leader combines a strong taper with ample amounts of tippet length for great turnover and realistic, drag free drifts.  The Umpqua Perform X Trout leader is the choice when seeking a versatile trout leader for most situations. This 3 pack option of the Umpqua Trout leaders for sale is a great economical choice when buying fly fishing leaders.

Umpqua Perform X Nylon

This new nylon material from Umpqua delivers the Holy Grail in leader and tippet performance, suppleness with supreme strength.  The suppleness of this fly fishing leader and tippet material allows for realistic presentations, dead drifts, etc. to entice wary fish while the strength provides maximum reliability from the strike to the net.

Perform X Construction

Core | Co-Polymer Nylon 
Perfect balance of strength and suppleness.
Coating 1 | Hydrophobic Coat Water barrier, nylon should not act like a sponge.
Coating 2 | Continuous Coat Produces a smooth and consistent, reliable material.

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