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Redington TRACE Fly Rods

Redington TRACE Fly Rod
Redington TRACE Fly Rod
Redington TRACE Fly Rod Group
Redington TRACE Fly Rod Action
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Redington TRACE Fly Fishing Rods

Redington fly rods

The next generation of fly rods from Redington designed specifically for trout fly anglers. The medium-fast action of these fly rods is fine tuned for versatile trout fly fishing and will let you comfortably fish dry flies, trout nymphs and streamers in streams, rivers and lakes.  Redington TRACE fly rods feature single-foot snake guides to help decrease weight while improving rod tracking (accuracy) and increasing sensitivity.

Not only are these Redington fly rods comfortable casters, they look great as well.  Redington TRACE rods feature a matte mahogany blank finish and a dark wood reel seat that pairs for a timeless trout fly rod aesthetic.

Redington TRACE fly rods are available in 2wt-6wt sizes and are all 4 pieces for easy travel.  Each rod section has epoxy-coated tips to prevent sticking.  Redington TRACE fly rods include a durable Cordura covered rod tube and Redington's lifetime warranty.

Redington TRACE Fly Rod Models
276-4 2wt 4 7'6" 2.4 oz A
376-4 3wt 4 7'6" 2.4 oz A
386-4 3wt 4 8'6" 2.5 oz A
486-4 4wt 4 8'6" 2.7 oz A
490-4 4wt 4 9'0" 2.8 oz A
586-4 5wt 4 8'6" 2.7 oz A
590-4 5wt 4 9'0" 2.8 oz A
690-4 6wt 4 9'0" 2.9 oz A

Redington TRACE Fly Rod Sizes:

276-4: Fantastic for the smallest trout creeks and the fish that live in them.
376-4: Delicate presentations and increased accuracy for small streams and creeks.
386-4: More leverage than the shorter 376-4, sweet dry fly rod for small to medium trout in lakes and creeks.
486-4: Enough delicacy for dry flies with enough power for small nymphs.  Super versatile for spring creeks and streams.
490-4: The go-to dry fly rod in the TRACE fly rod line.
586-4: Fantastic balance of power and feel for a wide variety of trout fly fishing.
590-4: The do everything trout rod - fish dry flies, nymphs and streamers with the 9'0" 5wt TRACE.
690-4: Ideal for larger dry flies and nymph rigs on larger bodies of water. Excellent for small to medium trout streamers.

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