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Loon UV Fly Finish Colors

Loon UV Fly Finish Colors
Loon UV Fly Finish Colors
Loon UV Fly Finish Colors
Loon UV Fly Finish Colors
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Product Number:UVCOLOR
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UV Fly Finish Colors works like the other Fly Finish products from Loon only in color versions. It's an easy way to add instant color to your flies. Add wing cases to your nymphs and scuds or great colors to your streamer heads. The Hot colors instantly add hot spots and and trigger spots to your flies. The lighter colors will add a cool looking translucence for a quick and easy way to add some life-like properties to all of your flies small and large. You will need a UV light to cure the Loon UV Fly Fihish Colors. The Loon Infiniti UV light with its rechargeable battery is our favorite for curing all UV fly fishing products.

For the best results, mix UV Fly Finish Colors before using it and apply it in thin coats.

1/2 oz.  Colors - Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Olive, White, Smoke, Black, Brown, Hot Red, Hot Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Hot Green, Hot Pink, Hot Purple

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