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Chocklett's Finesse Changer

Flymen Finesse Changer Brown Trout Fly
Flymen Finesse Changer Brown Trout Fly
Finesse Changer Fly Tan
Finesse Changer Fly Black
Finesse Changer Fly Black Purple
Finesse Changer Fly White
Flymen Chocklett Finesse Changer Fly Chartreuse
Flymen Chocklett Finesse Changer Fly Fire Tiger
Finesse Changer Fly Shad
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Blaine Chocklett changed the game as the name implies, with his Game Changer series of flies. Now we have the Finesse Changer. Tied with 7 Articulated Fish Spine segments the Finesse Changer has an unbelievable swimming action that natural imitates swimming prey fish. This fly has a length of approximately 3.5" and has a very realistic baitfish profile. Tied with Flymen Flyfishing Finesse Chenille, the Finesse Changer is lighter and easier to cast than its big brother the Chocklett's Game Changer and is perfect when a smaller streamer is needed or for casting with a lighter weight fly rod. We have used the Finesse Changer on baby tarpon, smallmouth bass along with trout and have had very good success with it. The Finesse Chenille makes this a very durable fly as well.



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