Solarez Colored UV Resins 5 Gram

Part Number: SC5G

Black #11
Copper Shimmer #67
Emerald Green #110
Fl. Chartreuse #127
Fl. Green #132
Fl. Hot Pink #138
Fl. Orange #137
Fl. Red #139
Red Oxide #310
Topaz Sparkle #370
White #141

Solarez Colored UV Resins are the same great Solarez UV curing resins only now in a variety of colors to add that custom touch to your flies. Available in 17 colors to cover all of your fly tying needs you can add colors to wing cases on nymphs, add colors to the heads of your streamers or put "hot-spots" on your dry flies to add visibility to them. 

Resins come in a 5 gram bottle and have a brush on the cap.

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I was pleased with the results. I did use the chartreuse on some bellies of a weedless frog pattern. Mainly I used it to freshen up and change colors on some 1/4 oz jigs I use when I step over to the dark side for some walleye fishing.
- JerryC

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