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Daiichi 3111 Black Ace Saltwater Hook

Daiichi 3111 Black Ace Saltwater Hook
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Product Number:DAI3111
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The Daiichi 3111 is one of our favorite hooks for tying streamers for large strong gamefish like tarpon, snook, pike, muskies and bass. This hook incorporates a short shank and a beak point. the short shank helps keep fish hooked as longer shanked hooks create leverage for fish to get off. The beak point and offset design makes for better hook-ups. 

This is a go to hook for fishing the mangroves or rivers and lakes for gamefish streamers.

#1 - 18 per pack, #1/0 - 15 per pack, #2/0 - 10 per pack, #4/0 - 8 per pack, #6/0 - 5 per pack, #8/0 - 4 per pack, #1/0 - 3 per pack.

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