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Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt NEW

Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt
Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt
Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt Net
Fishpond South Fork Wading Belt Action
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Product Number:SFWB
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Fishpond South Fork Wading Belts provide lower back support while being able to carry other packs and has a built in net holster.  The floating rail system will allow you to attach packs like the Thunderhead Submersible Pouch, Canyon Creek Chest pack and more along with any other molle compatible accessory.


  • Thermoformed foam padding with lumbar support
  • Built-in net holster holds most net sizes
  • Floating rail system allows for added storage options including the San Juan Chest Pack, Thunderhead Submersible Pouch, Thunderhead Chest Pack, Canyon Creek Chest Pack, and more
  • Slots on rail system for use with Quikshot Rod Holder, Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder, or other molle style accessories
  • Webbing loops for use with shoulder strap

Accessories/net not included.

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