Kona TS4 Trout Streamer Fly Tying Hook

Part Number: KTS4


Kona TS4 Trout Streamer Fly Tying Hook has the strength and finish of a great saltwater tying hook in the classic version of a trout streamer hook. The Kona TS4 is the perfect choice for streamers like wooly bugger, zonkers and classic trout streamers. It's also a great hook for bass streamers. These hooks are ultra-sharp and super-strong at a great price. The black nickel finish makes them corrosion resistant in any environment.

Down eye, round bend, 4X long, 1X heavy, standard gape, black nickel finish.

30 hooks per pack.

A quality hook at a quality price. I use the daiichi 2220’s quite often & this hook is the same concept. The KONA seems a bit stouter & also has a bit shorter of a shank. They are nice.
- ksmoses7596

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