Kona BGC Big Game Carnivore Fly Tying Hooks

Part Number: KBGC


Kona BGC Big Game Carnivore fly tying hooks are designed to hook and hang on to large predatory gamefish. This is the ultimate big game streamer fly tying hook. Species like pike, muskies, golden dorado and peacock bass are what these hooks were designed for. It's super-sharp point and 2X strong design makes this a great choice for muskie and pike flies. With its wide gape it has extra hooking ability for flies with deer hair heads. The black nickel finish allows use as both a saltwater fly tying hook and freshwater. The Kona BGC is the perfect choice big, long streamers.

Straight eye, 2X heavy, 2X wide gape, 2X strong, black nickel finish. 

#6/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0 - 10 per pack
#1/0 - 12 per pack

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