Squirmy Wormie Fly

Part Number: SQWRM


The Squirmy Wormie Fly is a San Juan Worm style fly that is made of soft rubber Squirmy Wormie material that is very effective for trout and panfish.

Squirmy Wormie fly tying video and fly pattern recipe

Buy the Squirmy Wormie online or buy the materials to start tying it yourself. The Squirmy Wormie is easy to tie, and an excellent trout nymph.

Video: How to tie the Squirmy Wormie pattern: step-by-step

Squirmy Wormie Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook Umpqua U Series U101 Umpqua U101 hooks - used in the video - are 1x long and 1x strong nymph fly tying hooks. Use size 12 for the Sqirmy Wormie.
Thread 1) 6/0 Uni Thread 6/0 Uni Thread in pink will keep the body secure and not throw off the pattern.
Head Hareline Dazzle Beads Use pink Hareline Brass Dazzle Beads in 7/64"
Body Spirit River Squirmie Wormy Material All in the name. Purpose built for tying the Squirmy Wormie and other San Juan Worms.

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