Mangum's Original UV2 Dragon Tail

Part Number: MDT

Fl Green Chartreuse
Fl Yellow

While the Dragon Tails were originally designed for saltwater use, they can be used for any gamefish that swims. Designed by Florida guide David Mangum, these Original Dragon Tails are now treated with UV2 treatment to make them even more effective. These  tails are 7" and are tapered. They are extremely easy to use. Simply tie the tail onto the shank of the hook and add materials in front and you're done. If you want to make shorter flies simply cut the Dragon Tail and put a spot of super glue on it at the cutting point.

Dragon Tails move and undulate in the water giving them incredible action. If you fish bass tie up patterns to imitate conventional baits like swim jigs. It make a great imitation of it. These are a great way to add extra length to large pike and muskie flies too. And of course they tie up great as saltwater flies too.

5 tails per pack.


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