Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Assortment

Part Number: RTERASST

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Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Assortment

Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Assortment includes 15 terrestrial fly fishing patterns that are excellent for fly fishing trout, panfish and more.  These 15 high quality terrestrial flies in this fly selection come in a reusable, clear fly box.

Contains 15 flies in total of the following:

  • Rainy's Bumble Bee
  • Rainy's Marshmallow Hopper
  • Rainy's Bullet-Head Cricket
  • E-Foam Beetle
  • Rainy's Gorilla Cicada
  • Rainy's Gorilla Hopper
  • Rainy's Gorilla Chernobyl Any
  • Rainy's Hi-Viz Grand Hopper
  • Rainy's Beetle
  • Rainy's Hi-Viz Ant
  • Rainy's Busy Bee
  • Rainy's Improved Cicada
  • Hi-Viz Hopper
  • Rainy's Carpenter Ant
  • Rainy's X-Fly Cricada

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