Redington CLASSIC TROUT Fly Rod

Part Number: 5-5016T

2wt 7'6" 4 Piece
3wt 7'6" 4 Piece
3wt 8'6" 4 Piece
4wt 8'0" 4 Piece
4wt 8'6" 4 Piece
4wt 9'0" 4 Piece
5wt 8'6" 4 Piece
5wt 9'0" 4 Piece
6wt 9'0" 4 Piece

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Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod

Redington CLASSIC TROUT fly fishing rods are moderate action fly rods designed and made specifically for trout fly fishing.  These trout fly fishing rods provide delicacy for spring creeks and enough power for fly fishing big rivers or from a boat.  Titanium oxide stripping guides and reel seat components that are custom machined add a nice performance and quality touch to this high value freshwater fly fishing rod.  Redington CLASSIC TROUT fly rods feature a handsome dark clay brown rod blank (with alignment dots) and matching rosewood reel seat insert.

Redington CLASSIC TROUT rods are 4 piece fly rods that include a ballistic nylon tube with dividers for convenient storage and transportation protection.  Redington CLASSIC TROUT fly fishing rods are also available in 3wt and 5wt sizes with a 6 piece fly rod option for even more convenient transportation.  Perfect for backpacking and other limited space fly fishing ventures.

Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod Models
276-4 2wt 4 7'6" 2.1 oz A
376-4 3wt 4 7'6" 2.3 oz A
386-4 3wt 4 8'6" 2.5 oz A
480-4 4wt 4 8'0" 2.5 oz A
486-4 4wt 4 8'6" 2.6 oz A
490-4 4wt 4 9'0" 2.9 oz A
586-4 5wt 4 8'6" 2.8 oz A
590-4 5wt 4 9'0" 2.9 oz A
690-4 6wt 4 9'0" 3 oz A
380-6 3wt 6 8'0" 2.8 oz A
590-6 5wt 6 9'0" 3.1 oz A

All Redington CLASSIC TROUT fly rods feature Redington's lifetime warranty.

Redington ZERO fly fishing reels are lightweight, click and pawl reels that pair up perfectly with these lightweight trout fly rods.

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