Wapsi Fly Tails

Part Number: WFT

Olive / Black
Chartreuse / Silver Flake
Clear / Pearl / Silver
Fire Orange / Pearl / Silver
Pumpkin / Black Flake
Purple / Blue Flake
Solid Black
White /Silver Flake

Wapsi Fly Tails tie in quickly and easily and add great action to freshwater flies like bass flies as well as saltwater flies. It's like having "Twister Tails" for your flies. These silicone Fly Tails come in 2 sizes and a number of colors. It's a great way to add some vibration to your flies. Try using a fly tying jig hook, adding some lead eyes, some silicone legs and a body with the Fly Tail and you have a great swimming jig fly pattern for largemouth and smallmouth bass. A fly like this make an effective bonefish fly too.

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