Redington CRUX Fly Rod

Part Number: 5-5023T

4wt 9'0" 4 Piece
5wt 9'0" 4 Piece
6wt 9'0" 4 Piece
No Fighting Butt
6wt 9'0" 4 Piece
Fighting Butt
7wt 9'0" 4 Piece
8wt 9'0" 4 Piece

Redington CRUX Fly Fishing Rods For Sale Online - FREE SHIPPING!

Redington Crux fly rod

Redington CRUX fly rods deliver high performance and versatility from Redington's Line Speed Taper.  The CRUX series of fly fishing rods will deliver power when needed to achieve distance as well as enough touch and feel for effective short and mid-range casts.  These Redington fly fishing rods boast exceptional connectivity from tip to butt for a full range of feel throughout the rod.  Fast recovery allows the rod to flex for increased feel, while recovering quickly to provide power in the cast.

Redington CRUX fly rod

Performance features in the Redington CRUX fly rod don't stop after the rod blank.  Redington's Angled Key Grip handle is compromised of a denser pre-compressed cork material to increase sensitivity, durability and reduce hand fatigue.  The quick recovery of the CRUX fly rod that helps generate faster line speeds is aided by lightweight guides and rod wraps being kept to a minimum.  Guides and the fully anodized aluminum reel seat are both suitable for use in saltwater fly fishing environments, making the CRUX fly rods great all water fly fishing rods.  The reel seat also features built-in hook keepers and an enlarged reel foot hood that has the line weight of the fly rod for quick identification.  Alignment dots on this 4 piece fly fishing rod make assembly quick and easy.
Redington CRUX Fly Rod Models
376-4 3wt 4 7'6" 2.9 oz A
390-4 3wt 4 9'0" 3.3 oz A
486-4 4wt 4 8'6" 3.4 oz A
586-4 5wt 4 8'6" 3.4 oz A
590-4 5wt 4 9'0" 3.5 oz A
690-4 6wt 4 9'0" 3.6 oz A
690-4S 6wt 4 9'0" 4.1 oz B
696-4S 6wt 4 9'6" 4.3 oz B
790-4 7wt 4 9'0" 4.3 oz C
7100-4 7wt 4 10'0" 4.8 oz C
890-4 8wt 4 9'0" 4.4 oz C
8100-4 8wt 4 10'0" 5 oz C
990-4 9wt 4 9'0" 4.6 oz C
1090-4 10wt 4 9'0" 4.9 oz D
Redington CRUX fly fishing rods come with a hard cordura rod tube with dividers for protective and convenient transport and storage.  These fly fishing rods are also backed by Redington's lifetime warranty.
Redington CRUX fly rods pair nicely with the matte olive colored Redington RISE fly reels and desert colored Redington BEHEMOTH fly fishing reels.

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