Redington i.D Fly Reel

Part Number: IDREEL


Redington i.D Customizable Fly Reel

The Redington i.D fly reel brings high value and solid performance into a unique, customizable and fun fly fishing reel.  The full, flat back surface is designed to accept the Redington i.D decals to quickly and easily personalize your Redington i.D fly reel.  These decals are stackable and removable so you can freely change looks whenever you'd like.  The i.D fly reel is made with a sturdy die-cast frame and spool design and a large arbor for quick line retrieval rates.  Braking on the Redington i.D fly fishing reel comes from a rulon disc drag that is smooth and strong.  Attention to detail on the Redington i.D fly reel shows through the twin-molded, soft touch handle for easy grip and control when reeling.

Available in 3 sizes to cover everything from 3wt to 9wt sizes, the Redington i.D fly reel covers a wide range of fly fishing species from panfish and trout to bass, pike and steelhead.  Redington i.D reels also come in a prespooled option that are already set up with backing and a RIO Mainstream fly line.  The i.D 5/6 prespooled reel is set up with a 5wt RIO Mainstream fly line. The i.D 7/8/9 prespooled reel is set up with an 8wt RIO Mainstream fly line.

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