O'Pros 3rd Hand Fly Rod Holder

Part Number: OPROS3RD

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The new O'Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder is a feature rich update to their original O'Pros Dragonfly Rod Holder.  This new O'Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder features 360 degree rotation for easy access and an elastic cord that easily locks the rod into place.  The molded nylon plastic body is light and very durable.  O'Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder will fit just about any 1"-2" belt and is great for wade fishing or fishing shorelines and small streams.  Buy O'Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder for a convenient and easy way to free up your hands when fishing, especially when wading with no where to set a rod down.

- Securely attaches to any belt from 2” to 1”

- Rotates 360 degrees for desired rod angle

- Unlock / Lock button easily allows rod holder to rotate or lock into place

- Integrated elastic cord for additional rod support when mobile

- 3 year warranty

- Made in the USA 

Updates from the previous version:

1. added slide lock to allow quick locking and unlocking the rod holder rotation.

2. updated belt clip design for more secure fit to belt.

Made in USA.

Customer Reviews for O'Pros 3rd Hand Fly Rod Holder

I like the quality of the pros rod holder. Great product.
- Ken
Used this holder last ch couple of days works great !
- Eric

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