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UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier

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Product Number:UT70D
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UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier fly tying thread is a flat fly tying thread that doesn't build up quickly making it a great fly tying thread for thread bodied trout nymphs and midge patterns. UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier fly tying thread is a great choice for size #14 and smaller flies. Ultra 70 has a breaking strength of approximately #1.


The Fly Fishers Fly Shop It is rare that I leave a review, especially one of a business as I expect good service to be the norm, so when I’m presented with a business that goes beyond “good” service I feel compelled to share my experience. As most of you are familiar with the shortages brought on by the pandemic, you’ll understand the effort it takes to hunt certain tying supplies. This is how I first stumble upon The Fly Fishers - they stocked what I needed. So, I ordered a large quantity of UTC 70 denier threads and some calf hair for tying streamers. Unfortunately when the package arrived it was without content, that is to say the parcel was open, retaining only their latest catalog. I contacted the shop in remote hope that there had been a mixup on their side, or if the contents had been removed, that they would split the replacement costs. My call was answered by a friendly staff member (I apologize, I can’t recall his name), who was both understanding and engaged. He almost immediately called me back after speaking with his boss. Without any further questions, I was told that they’d absorb the full cost and would ship again once the items were in stock. This was done even though we had no prior history. Today I received the replacement package. Thank you Fly Fishers Fly Shop. You’ve earned my future business. James (from Tennessee)

Reply From The Fly Fishers:

Thanks James. We sure appreciate your comments and your business. Thank you!
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