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Wapsi Palmer Chenille

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4.2(5 reviews)
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Palmer Chenille from Wapsi Fly is a pearlescent single-sided chenille that has a variety of fly tying uses. We love tying with Palmer Chenille for a variety of flies for many different species of fish. Palmer Chenille makes great streamer bodies along with being very useful as synthetic hackle and as a collaring material. To use this versatile chenille simply tie it in with the fibers pointed to the hook bend and wrap it forward while pulling the fibers to the rear wet fly hackle style.
Palmer Chenille comes in 3 sizes: small - 10mm, medium - 20mm and large 50mm. This is a great body material for articulated streamers. Try using the different sizes to form a baitfish shaped taper.


Scott Plummer
Works well for a filler in articulated flies.
small is not small. should be about 1/4" long.
Easy to tie. Love the flash
5 for me great baits for making jigs and great service
I use the large palmer chenille for tying crappie jigs and it works great
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