Daiichi 2441 Steelhead/Salmon Hook

Part Number: DAI2441


No matter where you chase anadromous fish with a fly rod the Daiichi 2441 Steelhead/Salmon Fly Tying Hook is a great choice. This black finished hook sorts a straight, tapered loop eye that makes finishing the fly with a neat small head easy and good looking. This is a standard wire hook that is very strong for even the largest of steelhead, trout and salmon.

#2/0 8pk. #1/0-#8 10pk. 




I’ve started tying streamer and steel head flys and I’ve found these Daiichi hooks work very well.I like the heavy wire and they help make the steel head flys look great.
- Dale Warwick
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks Dale.

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