EP Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush 3"

Part Number: 0BU-SOG

Black / Purple
Black / White
Tan / Pink

EP Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush 3" is another great Enrico Puglisi fly tying material that is very easy to use. Simply wrap these 3" dubbing brushes on the hook shank like a hackle to get a great body or collar. The grizzly coloration makes for a great mottled effect on your flies. Use as a bass fly tying material, saltwater fly tying material or even as a musky fly tying material.

Each pack has 6 brushes.

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Customer Reviews for EP Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush 3"

Just love the Fly Fishers shop! I can do my online shopping and have the stuff at my front door almost faster than driving to my local store! They always do their best to make everything perfect! So many great experiences!
- Mark Buehler
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks Mark. We appreciate it!

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