Hareline Turkey Biot Quills

Part Number: HTBQ


Turkey biots make great dry fly bodies, wingcases and even wings. The outside edge of a turkey biot has a small ridge on it that makes a very natural body. To make these biot body dry flies tie in the tip of the turkey biot and grip the butt of the biot with your hackle pliers. Wrap the biot evenly one wrap next to each other so the little ridge is exposed. This will give you a very nice segmented body.

Nothing against the store on this but this brand of biot quills are usually pretty beat up. Many of the biots are twisted or crushed. It’s a good thing there are two quills because half of them are not really usable for wrapping on fly abdomens.
- darrelln09
Fly Fishers Response: I appreciate your comments and will pass on your comments. Please feel free to give Pat a call about this at the shop.

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