SLF Dubbing Dave Whitlock Series Dubbing Dispensers

Part Number: DDLSLD

Dispenser #1
Dispenser #2

SLF Dubbing Dave Whitlock Series Dubbing Dispensers have the entire selection of fly tying dubbing colors in the series.

Dubbing Dispenser #1                              

1. Red Fox Squirrel Nymph Thorax             
2. Red Fox Squirrel Nymph Abdomen        
3. Sowbug Grey                                       
4. Sowbug Tan                                         
5. Scud Shrimp Grey                                
6. Scud Shrimp Olive                                
7. Scud Shrimp Tan                                  
8. Scud Shrimp Orange/Pink                     
9. Dragonfly Olive                                    
10. Dragonfly Dark Nymph                       
11. Damsel Nymph Olive                          
12. Damsel Nymph Tan                            

Dubbing Dispenser #2

13. Gold Stonefly Nymph
14. Brown Stonefly Nymph
15. Dark Stonefly Nymph
16. Hellgrammite
17. Sculpin Olive
18. Sculpin Golden Brown
19. Crayfish Brown
20. Crayfish Sandy Grey
21. Crayfish Orange
22. Minnow Belly
23. Stonefly Nymph Gills
24. Minnow Gills

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