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Senyo's Predator Wrap

Senyo's Predator Wrap
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Senyo's Predator Wrap is an easy to use material that wraps like a hackle and adds lots of flash and life to your flies. While the Senyo's Predator Wrap was intended for use with Intruder flies for steelhead it will make a great addition to your muskie fly tying material cabinet.

Using Senyo's Predator wrap is as easy as just adding a few wraps of it to add a ton of movement to your flies Whether you're tying Intruder style flies or warmwater flies this stuff rocks. Try wrapping it with the fibers forward and then folding them back to form a pronounced shoulder. Try taking a Loon Mixing Cup and punch a hole in the center of the bottom. Insert the eye, apply some Diamond Fine Flex and you have a translucent, durable fly shape.

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