Lamson Guru S HD Fly Reel

Part Number: GURUSHD


Lamson Guru S HD Fly Fishing Reels

The Lasmson Guru S HD (Heavy Duty) is the beefed up version of the popular Lamson Guru fly reel. This reel make for a great economical saltwater fly reel or also as a less expensive Spey fly reel too. Same great Lamson drag system in a beefed up design.  These Lamson Guru HD reels have a full-cage design to keep thin running lines from escaping.

The original Lamson Guru fly fishing reels set the standard for performance and value in fully machined fly reels.  The new Guru S HD fly reels take the original Guru concept to the next level of "fly fishing reel nirvana".  Lamson Guru S HD fly reels are fully machined in the United States and built in Idaho, feature Lamson's super reliable and smooth Sealed Conical Drag System and are finished with a type II anodization for durability and longevity both in freshwater and saltwater fly fishing.

The Guru S HD improves on the past versions with an increased arbor diameter and narrower spool for increased fly line pickup rates and line management.  An improved machining technique used to make the spool allows focusing on keeping material only where it needs to be, making it significantly lighter than past versions.  Porting on the Lamson Guru S fly reel is opened up for better fly line and backing drying while also allowing a weight reduction.  Simply put, the machined Lamson Guru S HD fly reels are one of the best fly fishing reel values available.

-5+ 3.55" 1.00" 4.60 oz 4,5,6 WF6 100 yds 20#
-7+ 3.97″ 1.13″ 5.25 oz 6,7,8 WF8 180 yds 20#
-9+ 4.11″ 1.23″ 6.10 oz 8,9,10 WF10 220 yds 30#

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