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Senyo's Laser Dub

Part Number: HSLD


Senyo's Laser Dub is a unique blend that can be dubbed or tied on like wool when tying woolhead flies. We love tying bright streamer patterns with it for fly fishing smallmouth bass in rivers, streamer patterns for fly fishing trout as well as having good success fly fishing steelhead in the Great Lakes tribs with flies tied with Senyo Laser Dub. This is one of our favorite Hareline Dubbin fly tying materials. Pat uses it for his Laser Minnow.

Dispenser Includes: Black, Brown, Fl Blue, Fl Chartreuse, Fl Fuchsia, Fl Hot Orange, Grey, Hot Pink, Olive, Purple, Tan, White

Dispenser II Includes: Dark Tan, Green Chartreuse, Lavender, Light Olive, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Red, Rusty Bronze, Sculpin Olive, Shrimp Pink, Silver Minnow Belly, Yellow


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