Hareline Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub

Part Number: HMFD


Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing is a very short fibered dubbing that is easy to dub even for the novice fly tyer. If you are trying to match the Trico hatch on the Missouri River, Blue Wing Olive hatch on the Big Horn River or Sulphurs on the Brule River Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub should be in your fly tying materials.

Get 12 of the most popular colors of Hareline Dubbin Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing in the Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing Dispenser.

This is great dubbing for both dry flies and nymphs. The fibers are long and fine so it’s easy to pull out a tiny wisp and dub all you need in one set of twists. The fibers are a little curly so you do have to twist it tightly to get a small rope but if you want a tapered rope, this is the right stuff.. There’s also a great color selection for most mayflies and the store seems to stock all of them. Highly recommended! I have a 12-color dispenser of this dubbing and I'm back again to order more refills! I just keep running out of the Baetis, BWO, and PMD colors.
- darrelln09
Works great as usual
- Randy Paine

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