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Salt Water Fly Fishing

Saltwater fly-fishing has always been a big part of our fly fishing business. You can join us on one of our hosted saltwater fly-fishing trips we run or we can help you put together your own saltwater fly-fishing adventure. From tarpon fly-fishing to bonefish fly-fishing to sail fishing, The Fly Fishers can help you all your salt water fly fishing needs.

With over twenty years of saltwater fly-fishing experience, we are here to offer you our expert advice. We supply an abundant amount of quality saltwater fly-fishing gear from Scott Meridian fly rods and Sage SALT HD fly rods to saltwater fly reels from Abel, Sage, Tibor, Lamson-Waterworks, Hatch and Nautilus, not to mention a variety of saltwater fly lines.

If it is your first time fly fishing the salt, we will be happy to help you get started on your first salt water fly fishing experience. If you are an experienced salt water fly fisher and looking for a new hotspot to go to or a new saltwater species to chase, The Fly Fishers are here to help. For all your saltwater fly fishing needs, The Fly Fishers Shop is best choice offering both quality products and expert advice.