Cicada Fly Six Pack

Part Number: CICADA6
$21.99 (Reg. $26.99)


Pick up a quick and easy 6 pack of these cicada fly fishing flies to help fill your fly box with these sought after bugs for freshwater fish like trout and bass.

Six pack contains 3 each of the Rainy's Ultimate Cicada Fly and Rainy's Criss-Cross Cicada fly in a reusable plastic fly cup.

Rainy's Ultimate Cicada Fly is a cicada imitation fishing fly that floats high and is a best choice for fly fishing cicada hatches.  The foam body of this cicada fishing fly keeps it floating high and the profile realistically imitates a cicada. Order this cicada fly patten for the best in fly fishing cicada hatches!

Rainy's Criss-Cross Cicada Fly is a bullethead style cicada imitation fishing fly that's excellent for fly fishing trout, bass and anything else that will eat a cicada.  Order this cicada fishing fly pattern for an easy casting and high floating cicada fly for fishing.

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