MFC Speckled Centipede Legs

Part Number: 0-5-125

Brown Speckled
Chartreuse Speckled
Grey Speckled
Olive Speckled
Orange Speckled
Purple Speckled
Red Speckled
Tan Speckled
White Speckled

Montana Fly Company's Speckled Centipede Rubber Legs are a must-have in any fly tier's arsenal. By choosing Montana Fly Company's premium rubber legs, you're not just tying flies; you're crafting future fishing successes. The unique speckled pattern and flexible material mimic the natural movements of prey, attracting more fish with every cast. This realism can be the difference between a good fishing day and a great one. Whether you’re tying flies for freshwater or saltwater, Speckled Centipede Rubber Legs are designed to excel in all environments. Their durability and flexibility make them ideal for a variety of patterns, from streamers to nymphs. Available in three sizes suited for every species and scenario, these rubber legs will bring your flies to life.

Enhance your flies with the unmatched realism and performance of Montana Fly Company's Speckled Centipede Rubber Legs. Order now and experience the difference in your fly tying and fishing results!

Available in three sizes for every fishing need:

Mini - Tailored for the smallest of flies, the mini size is perfect for targeting panfish and trout. Add subtle movements to your flies, mimicking the delicate prey of these discerning fish.

Small - Ideal for smaller flies, this size is your go-to for panfish, trout, and even delicate saltwater applications. Enhance your smaller creations with the same quality and movement, making them deadly effective.

Medium - Perfect for crafting larger flies aimed at enticing pike, bass and trout or for creating resilient saltwater flies. The medium size offers the ideal balance of visibility and subtlety, making your flies irresistible to a wide range of species.


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