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The Brand New Scott G Series Fly Rod Review

Back to all Videos Scott's G Series fly rods are an iconic part of fly fishing rods. They have featured a medium action and smooth flexing action since their beginning. Originally introduced in 1976 with a hollow internal ferrule, these rods changed the sport. The Scott G2 Series was introduced in 2006. These fly fishing rods were lighter and had an increased recovery speed. Scott is introducing the new G Series. Scott has re-invented the internal ferrule system, making it more flexible, smoother and 20% lighter. They have also redesigned the rod's tapers and used new fiber and resins making for a medium action fly rod that is more stable, meaning better accuracy, and develops more line speed without losing the medium action so many fly anglers love. This new design brings together presentation and power, so now you can pull hard on 7X tippet AND fish in the wind. The all new G Series. Like no other.