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Prince Nymph Fly Tying Video Guide

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Jared Ehlers of demonstrates a classic, stand-by trout fly fishing nymph: the Prince Nymph. Effective in a variety of sizes from big 10s and 8s down to small 16s and 18s. Play with your colors as well, throw in some rust or purple dubbing in place of the peacock herl body. If you are fly fishing for trout, your fly box needs a few Prince Nymphs.

Prince Nymph Fly Tying Materials

Hook Tiemco 5263 Hook The Tiemco TMC 5263 is a 3x nymph hook perfect for trout nymphs like the Prince Nymph.
Thread 6/0 Uni Thread 6/0 Uni Thread in black is all you'll need.
Bead Gold Cyclops Bead The gold cyclops bead is essential to the look of the Prince Nymph, and will help weigh it down.
Tail Brown Goose Biots Goose Biots are a useful material for many flies, and essential for the Prince Nymph.
Collar 1) Saddle Hackle
2) White Goose Biots
Use a brown or tan saddle hackle for the collar of the Prince Nymph. Use white goose biots for the final touch.
Body 1) Peacock Herl
2) Gold Wire
Peacock Herl is a staple of any fly tying bench. The Gold Wire will weigh the fly down.