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Pat Ehlers' Bonefish Reaper Fly Tying Video Guide

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Pat Ehlers of The Fly Fishers ties one of his favorite saltwater fly patterns, the Bonefish Reaper. Great fly on the flats for bonefish or in freshwater for carp. Thanks to for the production. They are our favorite online magazine, go get a free subscription!

Bonefish Reaper Fly Materials:

Hook Daiichi X452 Saltwater Hook The Daiichi X452 Saltwater Hook is perfect for the Bonefish Reaper, and a great hook for bonefish. We recommend size 4.
Thread 6/0 Uni Thread 6/0 Uni Thread in pink is all you'll need.
Eyes Painted Lead Eyes Use painted white lead eyes. These will help weigh the fly down, too. Pat recommends the medium size.
Flash Krystal Flash Use the Bonefish Pink color when tying the Bonefish Reaper.
Tail 1) White Medium Reaper Tail
2) Marking Pen
Another one of Pat's picks, Hyper Flex Reaper Tails were made specifically for The Fly Fishers. Use a sand colored marking pen to get the colors just right.
Body 1) Hareline Rabbit Strips
2) Dubbing Wax
Use light brown rabbit strips for the body. Pat uses a dubbing loop for this fly, and recommends dubbing wax to help with the process.