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Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Guide

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Jared Ehlers demonstrates tying a well-known pattern, the Clouser Minnow fly. Originated by Bob Clouser, this pattern can be used for just about everything that swims and tied in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

The Clouser Minnow is a great fly fishing fly for smallmouth bass, fly fishing pikefly fishing trout and in different sizes for saltwater fly fishing like bonefish, tarpon, snook and more.

Clouser Minnow Fly Materials

Hook 1) Gamakatsu B10S Hook - Size 4
2) Tiemco 811S Hook
The B10S - used in the video - is perfect for a good all around streamer for freshwater trout, bass and even muskie. Try the 811S Tiemco hook for a saltwater safe option to go after snook, stripers & tarpon.
Thread 1) 3/0 Uni Thread
2) GSP Ultra Thread
3) Veevus GSP Thread
GSP thread is super tough to help crank down on the lead eyes. 3/0 Uni thread will work fine, too.
Eyes Dumbell Lead Eyes We use medium red dumbell eyes in the video for a versatile all-around fly. The bigger the lead eyes, the faster the fly sinks.
Body Large Northern Bucktail The gray and purple bucktail in the video is ideal for clear lakes and great lakes areas like Green Bay and Chequamegon Bay - represents emerald shiners and smelt that smallmouth love. Keep the bucktail sparse and not too tightly wound. Some of our other favorite colors for smallmouth everywhere include brown/grey, chartreuse/white and grey/white. Tan/white, pink/white and chartreuse white are good bonefish colors.
Flash Krystal Flash We are using pearl and purple in the video but feel free to experiment with other colors.
Head Cement Hard as Hull Cement Just a good glue with a convenient applicator brush.