BEST overall wading boots

These are the BEST overall wading boots for fly fishing on the market

Want to settle for nothing less than the best? Your search starts and ends with the Patagonia Danner Foot Tractor wading boot. These top rated boots are the most durable, highest performance boot we’ve ever seen. And best of all, you won’t need to replace them. With Danner’s ability to recraft these you won’t need to replace them.

Here’s why we love the Patagonia Foot Tractor boots:

  1. They’re tough. These boots are made of stout full-grain leather and are treated to protect against wear, even in the salt. The Foot Tractor boots have durable nylon uppers made with heavy duty panels that stand up against the rigors of wading. They utilize the same technology Danner has perfected in their hiking and military grade boots.
  2. The best grip you’ve ever had in a rubber boot. By default the Foot Tractor boot comes with a sticky rubber bottom, but you can also choose the version including an aluminum bar system for elite in-water traction. The bars are hard enough to cut through slime and other slippery elements underwater, but can also conform easily to the surface of rocks.
  3. Great ankle support. There’s nothing worse than rolling an ankle thanks to an uneven river bottom or while hiking in. These high tops are built tough and won’t bend under the pressure when you have to step awkwardly.
  4. It’s the last boot you’ll ever buy. And that’s not just words. These wading boots are capable of being resoled/recrafted by Danner as needed to keep them in tip top shape. As tough as they are, even if they wear down they are easily reconditioned.

The reviews are in from everyone on staff here in the shop – all around there just isn’t a better fly fishing wading boot you can buy.

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Felt or rubber bottom?

A felt bottom boot can offer a slight advantage for traction, but modern rubber bottom boots have come a long way, and everything points towards rubber as the best way to go.

Nowadays you’re best off with an excellent rubber boot like the Foot Tractor, which is more durable, provides better traction than ever and is surprisingly lightweight. The best rated boots on the market are rubber bottom and are just a better investment than felt.

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