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The BEST all around fly fishing waders on the market

One pair of fly fishing waders reigns supreme: the Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders. No other set of fishing waders on the market comes close to this combination of elite quality + price point. They’re your best choice for top rated overall fly fishing waders. You can pay more for waders but you don’t need to.

Why we love Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot fly fishing waders

  1. Unparalleled breathability. Maybe the biggest improvement the Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders has is in breathability – both lab and in-field testing suggests a 190% improvement in the wader’s breathability over its predecessors. These waders feature a new hydrophilic film that allows vapors out, but does NOT allow water to penetrate in. Its effect on performance is significant.
  2. Excellent toughness + lightweight combination. As with prior Simms waders, the G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders feature multi-layer construction to minimize weight and are build for strength where you really need it. The upper legs are protected by a 3-layer GORE-TEX® shell and a thicker 4-layer shell protects the lower legs down to the boots. There’s no material wasted here. It keeps the price lower while keeping elite performance.
  3. It looks great. It’s all about staying dry and comfortable, but looking good is a nice perk. These waders are a combo of gray, cinder, and steel in traditional Simms style - so you’ll look good when you’re out on the water too.
  4. The price. It’s a premium wader and priced accordingly at $499 – but you can pay a lot more for fly fishing waders. Considering this is one of the highest quality fishing waders on the market that, it comes at a pretty good price.
  5. They are hand crafted. Every pair of these waders is built by hand in Bozeman, Montana so you know it’s built with the quality and care of real fly fishers just like you.

More great features:

  • They easily convert to pants with adjustable suspenders that turn into a belt.
  • Big pocket on the front of the wader allows space for a fly box or other tools
  • Zippered fleece hand warmer pockets
  • Upgraded neoprene wader belt with tough, welded belt loops
  • Articulated knees for comfort & movability
  • An excellent warranty featuring a 60-day replacement, no questions asked policy. Click here to learn more.

The reviews are in: the G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders are as good as it gets.

When it comes to men’s waders (and all other types of fly fishing gear) our guys at the shop are picky about what they bring along on a trip.

But there’s nothing but endorsements across the board for the Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders. You’ll find many of us wearing these when we’re out on the water.

Simms is one of the best brands for fly fishing waders.

They make a lot more than the G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders. These are our favorites for all the reasons listed above, but Simms offers many other types of waders for fly fishing. When you’re looking for what’s the best wader for fly fishing, Simms fishing waders will be in the conversation every time.

Looking for a great deal? You might be interested in another option.

If you’re after a budget option you could consider another brand. There is more than one manufacturer who makes the best waders for fly fishing. Our choice for the best fishing waders for the money are the Rio Azul waders from Patagonia.

What are the best waders for fly fishing? If you’re looking for more options check out all the fly fishing waders we have available for sale at the shop.

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