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Check out our video clips on a variety of fly-fishing tips as well as fly-tying tips. The Fly Fishers offers expert fly tying methods to fly fishers all over the world with our video blogs. Fly tying is an intregral part of fly fishing that many enjoy, you can buy flies ready to go or get into tying your own flies with our help! Get your basic fly tying tools - Vise - Bobbin - Scissors - and sit down to our fly tying videos!

We have also included information on fly-fishing gear in this section as well. Anything that we will be able to help enhance your fly-fishing in video form with we will be adding to this section. We will be adding fly fishing clips as we can get them done. From fly fishing tips to fly fishing techniques to basic fly fishing instructions, our fly fishing videos offer something for all fly fishers beginner or advanced. Check back frequently for the latest fly fishing videos.

How to Tie Knots - Perfection Loop

The perfection loop is a quick and clean loop knot that works great at the end of leaders and fly line butt sections to interconnect each other.

Knot Tying - How to Attach Backing to a Fly Reel

Jared Ehlers teaches a great way to tie backing on to your fly reel. Very simple, strong and not bulky! We use this from little 2 and 3 weight fly rods for trout up to the biggest saltwater fly fishing setups.

Knot Tying - Double Surgeon's Loop

Jared Ehlers of demonstrates tying the double surgeon'----s loop knot. Easy knot for making loops in butt sections of fly lines, a connector loop in the butt of a leader, or for any fly fishing rig where you need a loop.

Knot Tying - Rapala/No-Name Loop Knot

Pat Ehlers explains why he prefers this Rapala Knot aka No-Name Loop Knot for much of his freshwater fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing. -- Pat also demonstrates tying this exceptional knot. -- It is a great fly fishing knot to keep divers diving straight, sinking flies sinking faster, and gives other fly fishing flies more action.

Knot Tying - Improved Clinch Knot

Jared Ehlers demonstrates an essential knot to know for tying leaders to your flies.  --The improved clinch knot lesson is quick and informative and great to have your fly fishing knot inventory.  --Excellent for freshwater fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing