Fly Fishing Gear - Rods, Flies, Reels and more


Fly Fishing Fly RodsOur selection of flies includes patterns for everything from flies for trout and panfish to flies for tarpon and bonefish. With warmwater fly fishing being a specialty of The Fly Fishers we have an extensive selection of flies for smallmouth bass. flies for largemouth bass along with flies for pike and muskies. Whether your preference is top water flies or subsurface flies we have them for you.

Fly Rods & Fly Reels

Fly Fishing Fly Rods & Fly ReelsLook here for the finest in fly fishing rods and fly fishing reels. From the finest fly fishing rods and fly reels on the planet to economy fly rods and economy fly reels we have them at The Fly Fishers.

Fly Lines, Leaders & Tippets

Fly Fishing Fly Lines, Leaders & TippletsUsing a poor fly line on a great rod is like putting lousy tires on a high-performance vehicle. The same can be said for fly leaders. If your fly line and fly leaders won't turn over and perform your fly casting an ultimately your fly fishing will suffer. If you need help contact us and we will help you match the fly lines and fly leaders you need to the species you are fly fishing for. No matter fly fishing for smallmouth bass with deer hair bugs, fly fishing tough trout in spring creeks or fly fishing spooky bonefish on the saltwater flats we have the right set up for you.

Fly Tying Materials & Hooks

Fly Fishing Fly Tying Materials & HooksHere at The Fly Fishers we carry a large selection of fly tying materials from companies like Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi Fly, Rainy's, Umpqua Feather Merchants and Spirit River among others. We also carry a wide variety of fly tying hooks from Daiichi, Tiemco and Gamakatsu. No matter whether you are tying, trout flies, bass flies, muskie flies or saltwater flies we have the fly tying materials and fly tying hooks you need.

Fly Tying Tools

Fly Fishing Fly Tying ToolsAt The Fly Fishers we carry a great assortment of some of the finest fly tying tools in the business. From the nicest and most popular Renzetti fly tying vises to Dr. Slick fly tying scissors as well as the beautiful fly tying tools from Tiemco we carry them. No matter if you are tying delicate dry flies. tying deer hair bass bugs or tying large muskie flies and saltwater flies we have the fly tying tools to make your fly tying easier.

Fly Fishing Outfits

Fly fishing rod, fly fishing reel, fly fishing line and backing - toss on a leader and fly and go fishing! The fly fishing outfits here at The Fly Fishers are selected to perform the best in your fly fishing situation. Whether it's fly fishing bonefish on the flats, fly fishing smallmouth bass in Wisconsin, or fly fishing trout in Montana there is a perfect outfit here for you to fly fish with.

Fly Fishing Accessories

Fly Fishing Fly Fishing AccessoriesFly fishing has always been a gadget sport. Check here for a list of fly fishing accessories and gadgets from fly floatant to fly boxes and forceps.

Packs, Bag & Luggage

Fly Fishing Packs, Bags & LuggageIf you are a traveling fly fisher you need to have fly fishing luggage and fly fishing gear bags to properly store and protect your fly fishing gear. If your fly fishing trips keep you close to home you still need to organize and protect your fly fishing gear. Check out these items for the best in fly fishing luggage and gear bags as well as the best in on the water fly fishing packs for getting you more enjoyment from your fly fishing.

Wading Gear & Clothing

Fly Fishing Wading Gear & ClothingLet's face it if you are going to fly fish you are going to get wet. Within these pages are the finest in waders and fly fishing clothing to keep you dry and comfortable. We carry waders to keep you dry when wading and rain gear for nasty weather no matter if you are wading or fishing from a boat. We have shirts and pants that will keep you comfortable when fly fishing the flats in the tropics or fly fishing salmon in Alaska's cold and wet weather. Nowadays the best in fly fishing clothing and waders means more time on the water.

Books & DVDs

Fly Fishing Books & DVDsCheck outboth the latest in fly fishing books and DVD's as well as classics. Fly Tying books, fly fishing books and books on where to fly fish can be found here as well as the same in DVD's.

Yeti Coolers

Fly Fishing Yeti CoolersYeti Cooler are the ultimate in cooler performance. Imagine holding ice for 4 or 5 days in the Louisiana summer heat, that what Yeti Coolers are capable of. Made of nothing but the finest components make a Yeti the last cooler you will need.

Gift Certificates

Fly Fishing Gift CertificatesIf you can't find the right fly fishing gift a fly fishing gift certificate from The Fly Fishers makes the perfect fly fishing gift.

Closeouts & Specials

Fly Fishing Closeouts & SpecialsFrom time to time we have specially priced discontinued fly fishing gear and demo fly fishing gear. When we do have closeout fly fishing gear you will find it in this area of our website.