Used Ross Reels F1 #4 7-9wt Fly Fishing Reel Spool - SOLD

Used Ross Reels F1 #4 7-9wt Fly Fishing Reel Spool  -  SOLD

Product ID: USEDF14S

Ross Reels F1 #4 Fly Fishing Reel Spool

This Ross Reels F1 fly fishing reel spool is in excellent condition - it almost looks like it was never used.  The reel comes loaded with backing and a free Rio 7wt 15' sinking-tip fly line that is in perfect condition as well.  The reel is set up left-hand retrieve but can be switched on request.
Original Ross reel pouch included ("#7" is written on the reel pouch).
This is a factory first item - not a second, demo or custom build.

Originally: $290


After more than two years of design, development and testing, we are pleased to introduce the Ross™ F1™ - a large arbor series that is destined to revolutionize modern fly reel design. The Ross™ F1™ is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates the most innovative features found in any fly reel. The drag system utilizes eight independent contact points to produce the smoothest and most dependable drag system on the market today. Two square inches of carbon fiber drag surface results in unsurpassed stopping power and heat dissipation. The spool fits on a carbon fiber stabilizer with two fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings that provide precision fit and smooth rotation. The Ross™ F1™ employs a Ross original clutch bearing that is fully sealed and enables retrieve conversion without removing the bearing- an industry first! The extensive use of carbon fiber in the drag system, spool stabilizer, handle and spool release produce system strength and rigidity, while at the same time reducing overall weight. Ten separate o-rings completely seal the system, making it totally impervious to the drag-changing effects of water. The Ross™ F1™ employs a constant-torque drag knob with a 56:1 mechanical advantage; resulting in uniform drag knob rotation and infinite drag adjustment.



6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy



Fully machined, 1 piece frame, 1 piece spool - manufactured on automated CNC machining centers



Carbon fiber and Stainless Steel - space-age synthetic that is durable, heat resistant and maintenance free



Carbon fiber and stainless steel interface - 8-point friction system with reversible clutch bearing engagement and seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement (no start-up friction)




Stainless steel spindle rotating inside of fully sealed, stainless steel ball bearings, quick release locking spool, easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion



Anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and color



Designed for use in all freshwater, warmwater and saltwater fishing environments



Used Ross Reels F1 #4 7-9wt Fly Fishing Reel Spool  -  SOLD