Metz Predator Pack Short/Long Grizzly Schlappen Feathers

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Metz Predator Pack Short/Long Grizzly Schlappen Feathers

PLEASE NOTE: The "Long" Predator Packs are currently backordered from Metz.  Short packs are in stock as a temporary substitute - "Short" Predator Packs will be shipped unless a backorder for the long is requested (  Blue and purple are currently in stock in long and are the exception.  Short packs are the same feathers, just in 6-9" lengths instead of 10-12".

Metz Predator Pack Long Grizzly Schlappen Feathers are perfect feathers for those of you tying long big game flies. If you are looking for long muskie fly tying feathers or long saltwater fly tying feathers the Metz Predator packs are the answer.

These feathers are typically 10" to 12" long.  20pack.
Supplies of these feathers are very limited.

These schlappen feathers come from the Metz Magnum Saddles that are so hard to get.