Fishing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a critical piece of gear for fly fishing. Besides protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays and errant hooks, a good pair of polarized lenses dramatically cut down the glare on the water and make it easier to track both your flies and the fish you're after.

Sure, you can probably pick up a pair of sunglasses at the corner convenience store for $7.99, but there's really no comparison to quality sunglasses. In fact, you may actually be harming your eyes by wearing cheap sunglasses with insufficient (or nonexistent!) UV protection.

We test all the sunglasses we carry to ensure they're all worthy of your investment. In fact, these are all glasses we wear ourselves. Like you, we appreciate quality and understand that a seemingly simple thing like sunglasses can make the difference between a day of fishing and a GREAT day of fishing!

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