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G. Loomis WhisperCreek GLX Fly Rods

G.Loomis WhisperCreek GLX Fly Rods
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Product Number: LOOM-WHISP
Loomis Whisper:
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The name says it all. It's hands and knees approaches, gin-clear water and trout with severe aversions for sloppy casts and the associated "plops". It's long, delicate, whisper-thin leaders and #22 dries. It's all about stealth and catching fish in spite of the odds. These rods are based on the original G.Loomis StreamDance GLX Presentation Series and like the flies we tie to emulate the insects that trout favor, have gone through a metamorphous in their own right. We've done some tweaking, made a few improvements here and there, given them their own color, their own identity and made a home for them in the hierarchy of G.Loomis fly rods. They're smooth casting, presentation rods  and top trout fly fishing gear for the angler that isn't concerned with long casts or power strokes. Featuring the finest diameter tips in the business, they'll track as if they can read your mind and load easily for short, precise casts and delicate presentations. There are seven fly rods in the family, ranging from 2- thru 5-weight, varying in length from 7'9" to 9' and each come in a soft, protective rod sock and durable travel case.  This is an ultra-light fly rod designed to protect light tippets and cast really small flies in brush-lined creeks and small streams where distance isn't important and you don't have a lot of room for false casts. It's accurate and responsive, giving you the ability to cast up under brushy overhangs and fish places where the longer rods just can't go.

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