Flymen Chocklett's Jerk Changer Fly

Part Number: GC-JC


Blane Chocklett's Jerk Changer Fly adds a new layer of movement to the world of game changer style fly fishing flies.  This fly glides and moves left and right while also creating articulated movement in the tail for an extremely triggering pattern of movement for all predator species. 

Rather than fully articulating like most game changer flies, Blane designed this fly pattern with a solid shanked front portion and material that pulsates less to prevent drag that most flies have and allow the side-to-side, underwater walk the dog motion not found in most flies.  Available in a few different sizes, the Jerk Changer fly is awesome for everything from large trout, bass and pike in freshwater to baitfish eaters in the salt like striped bass on the fly and more.  Use a marker to custom color the bodies on these articulated fishing flies.

#2/0 fly is approximately 4" long.
#3/0 fly is approximately 4.75" long.
#4/0 fly is approximately 5.5" long.

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