Cheeky Limitless Fly Reel

Part Number: CHKYLIMIT


Limitless Fly Reels are the most technologically advanced fly reels on the planet. Limitless Fly Reels feature an innovative fully sealed Gasket Drag System (GDS) that is impenetrable to the elements. All Limitless Reels are made from high-grade aerospace aluminum and incorporate a multi-axis machining technique that redistributes metal to crucial stress points. Limitless Fly Reels from Cheeky Fishing offer an integrated reel foot, unbeatable line capacity, easy L/R conversion, and an insane arbor size for maximum retrieval rate. They are hands down the lightest and most robust fly reels available.

Limitless Fly Reel Features

  • Fully sealed Gasket Drag System (Cheeky GDS)
  • Integrated torque-dispersing reel foot
  • Beveled machining increases strength without adding weight
  • Fully machined high-grade aluminum
  • Retrieve up to 11.75" of line per revolution
  • Lightweight Design
  • MAX Arbor
  • B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity
  • Quick change spool and simple L/R retrieve conversion 
  • Reel case included


Cheeky Launch Line Weight 20lb Dacron 30lb GSP Weight Diameter
375 5wt 200 yds 350 yds 6.6 oz 3.75"
375 6wt 175 yds 300 yds 6.6 oz 3.75"
375 7wt 150 yds 250 yds 6.6 oz 3.75"

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