Umpqua Bahamas Fly Selection Kit (Guide)

Part Number: 09256


Umpqua Bahamas Fly Selection Kit (Guide)

It doesn't matter if it is your first trip to the Bahamas or if you are a seasoned veteran of their sandy flats. Umpqua's Bahamas Guide Selection is the perfect kit to get you started or to top off your fly boxes. This saltwater fly kit includes 32 premium flies selected by professionals to ensure you have the best chance of hooking up with a giant Bahamian bonefish. The flies included in this kit imitate shrimp and crabs. 


Flies Included:

[2] Brown's Permit Crab #2

[2] Veverak's Mantis Shrimp Tan #4

[2] Borski's Bonefish Slider #6

[2] Bonefish Clouser's Minnow #4

[2] Clouser's Deep Minnow Golden #6

[2] Clouser's Deep Minnow Chart/Wht #6

[2] Rag Head Crab Tan #6

[2] Umpqua Sqump Tan #4

[3] Gotcha Pearl #2

[3] Gotcha Pearl #4

[2] Miheve's Flat Fly Tan #4

[2] Cowen's Bonefish Scampi Tan #8

[2] Mini Puff Orange #4

[2] Crazy Charlie Tan #6

[2] Crazy Charlie Pink #6


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